Friday, May 20, 2005

Rules of Study

We call upon Napa Naidu Apasai now for some instruction in terms of how to go about understanding a difficult portion of Torah, the Zohar or the Bahir. He was called the Moroccan Menorah. His times were filled with adventure and high wisdom. We are pleased to have him with us on this day.

"First of all learn to study Torah with a light touch. Sometimes even a sense of humor will prevail where serious introspection will leave you wanting. These books we study and make so much of are woven tapestries of human thought. As such they are filled with threads of meanings which overlap sometimes blurring the brilliance lying beneath all of these layers. Consider yourself a diver of mysteries unafraid to go deeply into those pools of dark water that await your probing of their depths. What you intend to find are the ways in which you may live a better life. It is truly this simple. The practical operation of Kabbalah was never meant to obscure the meaning but came as a result of guarding these secrets from eyes who were only too ready to condemn at the least sign of blasphemy. It is amazing that the knowledge came through at all but thanks to the inventions of numerous kabbalists the secrets of kabbalah may be revealed with persistent and directed study.
Napa Naidu Apasai's Seven Rules of study:
     Begin with a map of what you expect to find and expect to find your connection with the Holy One, the Ultimate Connection, the Divine Inspiration and expect to feel what you find in the entire energy body you inhabit.

  •     1) Read the references to Torah and the commentary and then look for the connection with your Heart's Desire.
  •     2)If it doesn't at first appear step back. Look for secondary or tertiary meanings. Sometimes you will have to dig deeply here. The effort you make will be rewarded because the brilliance is most certainly there.
  •     3)Any of these writings will lead you to connection. Even those which appear contradictory on the surface. By all means get beyond these surface meanings such as when there are battles taking place and there is action which you would not call spiritual.

  •     4) Leviticus could be aptly named the labyrinth of Judaism. The laws in their complexity conceal a much deeper meaning. Most will not penetrate this labyrinth becoming mesmerized by the detail and specific instructions given there. Most will not go deeper but you will prevail.

  •     5)Keep uppermost in mind that this is a journey and that in parts of this journey there will be a jungle that is overgrown to content with. Amongst your spiritual gear have with you at all time your spiritual compass and let it lead you to connection. This spiritual compass always points within towards your Totality of Being.

  •      6)Study these sacred texts and any text where connection is the end in sight not as a scholar but as a child who is looking for the bright colored stones in the garden. Study by uncovering with gleeful abandon the overgrown path in this garden where the gems of wisdom are to be found in scattered places around a fountain.

  •      7)Be practical in your approach. You will know you have found a gem by the delight it brings you. You will feel the connection and you will be able to work in your new understanding immediately into your everyday life. This understanding you find deep within is for this moment. Every world to come that you are preparing for is simply another moment of discovery.

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