Friday, March 04, 2005

1st Posting

This blessing comes from Napa Naidu Apasaid who was a master of Kabbalah in the 14th century. You will find nothing about him anywhere. Indeed the rabbis know nothing of him. I found out about him from a man who had travelled to a chateau in Switzerland where records are stored from these times. No this isn't common knowledge however I've been given permission to release this material at this time.

Napa Naidu Apasaid was a Morrocan Jew whose wisdom was written down in a book called Revealing the Light. Issac Luria, and others knew of this book but were sworn to secrecy. Abraham Abulafia also knew along with the Baal Shem Tov, all took an oath to never reveal their sources. The information is said to be revealed randomly according to the times we are living, and then only a bit of information to certain people selected also it seemed without random. I learned of this man and his incredible wisdom late at night after breaking down on the road to Milan. A stranger helped me that night and told this Kabbalistic blessing given by the great greatest of all Kabbalistic sages Napa Naidu Apasaid:

"Master of all within and without whose light shines forever, let me be made in thy own image as it was from times before when all was plenty. I partake now of those times with this food that passes over my lips. In this way I am one with all of thy creation"

I've been saying this blessing at every meal, or snack time. My life has completely altered. I cannot list the blessings that have resulted from this prayer.

You know I never knew if this gentleman was putting me on that night with his stories of the Morrocan Menorah as he called him for lighting the lights of so many wise men. Still the blessing works for me.

Napa Naidu Apasaid was said to have the ability to move in and out of souls at will helping the soul resist the negativity that abounded in the world in those days.